Radical Acceptance and the Physical Pain of an “Invisible Illness”

Once we accept the reality of the current moment (however unpleasant it may be) for what it is, and not what we wish it were, we can turn our attention to ways to improve it. This skill is called “Radical Acceptance.” Radical acceptance is hard to do, especially when it feels like accepting the situation [...]

June 21st, 2017|Personal Struggles|

Treating Others with Respect

The most important person in your life is the person who agreed to share their life with you. Treat them as such. Whether in your case it may be your parents, always treat them with the same respect you would like to be treated as a human being. You might live a long life, or [...]

June 1st, 2017|Personal Struggles|

Walking Through Grief and Healing

Recently, I embarked on a series of conversations with people about their reasons for taking walks. I heard about a wide range of motivations. But surely one of the most compelling was walking as a way of coping with pain. Walking Out of the Shadows Grief is a journey that for some is best traveled [...]

May 21st, 2017|Mental Health, Personal Struggles|

The Top 10 Reasons to Try Therapy

There are many reasons to seek out a therapist. Here are my top 10 reasons why therapy may be something you need. 10 – Relationships Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. I’m pretty sure every single client of mine in 10 years sought therapy because of a relational problem or because other things [...]

May 7th, 2017|Mental Health|

Headaches vs. Migraines

When your head gets a severe pain, it may be tough to figure out if it’s a headache or a migraine. During the changing seasons, you may experience this. 5 Reasons it May be a Headache Many headaches are described as generalized, the entire head, sometimes squeezing at the temples. Most of the time people [...]

May 1st, 2017|Mental Health|

Freaking On A Jet Plane: Some Reassuring Facts For The Frightened Flyer

For some, flying is an anxiety-filled, terrifying experience, and these people are far from alone. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of the population suffer from some degree of aviophobia, or a fear of flying. These fears can be abstract, or based on specific factors such as the threat of terrorism or the functionality [...]

September 7th, 2016|Fear of Flying, Mental Health|

Young People are Especially Vulnerable to Misdiagnosis When They Have PTSD

Few people know that there were direct child survivors of 9/11, and I am looking to change that…because I am one of them. As a teenager looking for relief and for answers, I was swept through a revolving door of therapists and psychiatrists who fit my symptoms into one diagnosis, then another, scribbling out prescriptions [...]

September 7th, 2016|Depression, Mental Health, Personal Struggles|

To the JetBlue Flight Attendant Who Acted Quickly as My Son Melted Down

In May 2015, a mother on a United Airlines flight asked a flight attendant if she could purchase a hot meal from first class because her autistic daughter is particular about her food. See what happened.

February 20th, 2016|Mental Illness|

What Happens If You Try To Prevent Every Single Suicide?

The suicide rate has increased in the past decade, despite the best efforts of hot lines and prevention programs. A Detroit health plan set a zero suicide goal among its members — and achieved it.

February 20th, 2016|Depression, Suicide|

No Easy, Reliable Way To Screen For Suicide

Clinicians correctly predict a suicide attempt about half the time — no better than a coin toss. Certain tests of involuntary responses, although still experimental, aim to improve the odds.

February 20th, 2016|Suicide|